Faucet Usage

The Faucet service on the site is provided for you to create Smart Contracts and Statements for free on Blockchain Test networks. A payment of 0.1 is made to your wallet from our pool of the amount you request in the context of the wallet address you are connected to the site and the protocol you are connected to.

This amount sent to you has no material validity in real networks or other networks and can only be used in test networks for trial purposes.

How to use?

We come to the Testnet Smart Contract screen and click the Faucet button as in the example below.

In the window that opens, you must select the payment you will request, in which network you want it. In order to select this, you need to make a network change via Metamask. If you have no idea how to change the network, you can check our article:(How to activate Metamask testnets)

After the network change you have made, we click on the Submit button and the payment process is started.

After a few minutes, we open Metamask in our browser and check our balance.

Is there a limit on the use of faucets?

Yes. You can only request a payment of 0.1 per wallet per day.

Is it necessary to use a faucet, why?

Yes. Every transaction you make on the blockchain has a gas fee and you have to cover it. Therefore, the use of Tap is required in test nets.