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@ Kurtulus&Partners we give services with regard to; Blockchain, NFT, Cryptocurrency supply, decentralized finance (DEFI) technologies, solutions and related blockchain applications. We are a team that has made startups and received global awards. One of our proeject called Proofstack (Formerly Copyrobo) has selected one of the most promising blockchain company in the world at Techcrunch SF. In this way, it is a law office that speaks the same language as its clients, as well as having a legal perspective as well as technical details.

@ We provide services to companies, entrepreneurs and all masses consuming these technologies in areas such as Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, NFT, Metaverse, DAO and DEFI

@ From the writing of NFT smart contracts to sending them to the marketplaces, we can handle the entire technical/legal process from start to end.

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Intellectual Property

@ Kurtulus&Partners; We detects violations of your copyrights and brands and provides you with license income.

@ For example, they may have copied your NFTs without your knowledge, your music may be published on the internet without a license, your photos or movies may be used without your knowledge. Our office has robots that scan the entire internet and related channels to detect these violations. In this way, unlicensed uses can be detected and necessary actions can be initiated.

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Tax Law

@Kurtulus&Partners; We carry out the settlement of tax disputes through reconciliation at the administrative stage, the cancellation of tax penalties or their resolution by way of reduction, and all kinds of administrative proceedings and litigation processes arising from tax law.

@ We have many years of experience in tax disputes of all companies or individuals, from real estate to retail or digital space.

@ Except for all the stages of traditional tax law; We produce effective solutions for taxation of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, social media income, influencer income and all other digital business and transactions.

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Smart Contract Services

For your NFT or other contracts;

@ Preparation of smart contract software,
@ Sending to blockchain protocols
@ NFT production, NFT collection production,
@ Metamask / Phontom / Solana or Bitcoin wallet integration,
@ Creating the legal sections of the contract,
@ Management, transfer or lease processes of other digital assets in Metaverse,
@ Management, transfer or lease processes of NFT or other digital assets,

and we provide you with all your needs, both technically and legally.

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