Our point of view; open, friendly, ambitious and team-oriented.

You will find that Kurtulus&Partners has a competitive, inspiring and rewarding environment. Here you will have the opportunity to gain skills and experience in a positive environment. You will also have the opportunity to develop yourself towards success.
Specialty we look for in all our employees:
Idea: We want our employees to be self-confident people who can think and act for themselves and have the skills to run the business.
Result Oriented We care about experience, ability and ability to fulfill the given task. In this sense, the main idea is "what should I do now?" instead of "I don't know what to do". should be.
Willingness: As we progress, you must progress in terms of your abilities, experience and sense of responsibility. We also want you to be enthusiastic about it.
Team spirit: All of our employees should work in harmony with each other. It is important for the team to share their achievements with teamwork on the way to reach the determined goal.
You are our ambassador: Your personal written and verbal communication skills must be very good. You will work with our clients, partners, colleagues and people from many segments of society. In this sense, you need to be a good speaker representing Kurtulus&Partners

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