Kurtulus&Partners was founded by Kadir KURTULUS in Istanbul. With its young and dynamic structure, it offers solutions to commercial issues and lawsuits, especially in the fields of IT Law, Intellectual Property Law and Tax Law, internationally.

Kurtulus&Partners; It is a team that develops solutions for Blockchain, NFT, Cryptocurrency supply, decentralized finance (DEFI) technologies and related blockchain applications. In this way, it is a law office that speaks the same language as its clients, as well as having a legal perspective as well as technical details.

Our main goal is to analyze the sectors in which our clients operate, to provide the solutions they need in the legal field and to establish good relations with each of our clients for many years. For this reason, to find a common ground with our clients in the resolution of all kinds of legal disputes; It is our priority to stay in one-to-one contact with them and develop a language that mutually understands each other. Our team, gathered around this basic goal, is always willing, energetic and determined to produce predictive and result-oriented solutions for the situations brought by both the fast age we live in and the busy business life by providing the best legal service to our clients.

Our Technology

Proofstack;which was selected as one of the 3 promising blockchain startups in the world at Techcrunch San Francisco; You can create evidence of your copyrights in blockchain protocols and official authorities.

Smart Contract: We handle the supply of cryptocurrencies, tokenization, writing smart contracts, performing all technical transactions, creating NFT and wallet connections with our own team from start to end.

Reverse Image Search: With our reverse image search technology, we scan your works all over the internet and detect their use on other sites. In this way, we enable you to earn royalty income for unlicensed use.