How to Read Statement?

After submitting a statement on our site, you can reach the page by clicking on the network links sent to your e-mail to see the content you have sent on […]

How do I register to the site with Metamask?

You can perform blockchain transactions (smart contract, declaration, etc.) with your metamask wallet on Of course, for this, you need to register on the site with your metamask wallet. […]

What is Metamask and how to install it?

Metamask is a crypto wallet for interacting with Ethereum and other blockchain protocols. It works with the plugin you have installed on the browser you are using or through its […]

Faucet Usage

The Faucet service on the site is provided for you to create Smart Contracts and Statements for free on Blockchain Test networks. A payment of 0.1 is made to your […]

Activating Metamask Testnets

How to activate testnets from your Metamask wallet, how to integrate non-existent networks? There are testnets on the blockchain so you can run your tests outside of the mainnets, and […]